JME Plumbing - Chepstow

Who is JME Plumbing?

Jack from JME contacted me looking for a website to advertise the areas he looks after, and the services he offers. He has some great colours used in a logo made by his graphic designers, and so I picked up all the colours from that. We used some nice imagery he had already prepared, and once I had all the info for every page, it didnt take me long to put it all together.

Jack already had hosting prepared, so all I had to do was prepare the website, whilst working on it together on my server, then when everyone is happy I transfered it over and it went live a few weeks after we talked about starting it.

The site is responsive, so it works on all devices and have seen Jack recently at one of his clients, and all is working well and he's getting the coverage he was after in the local area, using the areas as keywords and his services.

What is a 'Responsive Website'

Basically it is one website that is crafted to be the most enjoyable experience on different devices, such as mobiles, tablets, laptops and pc's. The website re-arranges itself depending on the width of the device its being viewed on.

JME's Feedback