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Who are SMR(UK)

As stated on the website SMR (UK) has become the leading technology with which to stabilise excavated spoil, cost effectively transforming it into high quality products that outperform traditional materials such as Type1 GSB, with material being re-used on existing construction projects negating the need to send waste to landfill.

This is all new to me, and I dont really understand it, but Clare the Managing Director at SMR was in the process of making big changes to the business, over seeing its massive growth in the UK, and looking to increase the businesses profile with the Tier 1 construction companies.

An important part of this improved profile was a new website, and as SMR is literally my closest client, being in easy walking distance, I was very grateful to help Clare with this part. I produced the site in Wordpress, used very high quality images, added a very active 'News' and 'Case Study' section, and plenty of information for all visitors to read.

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