Woodstock Pilates - Oxfordshire

Who are Woodstock Pilates

Based in Oxfordsire, Woodstocks pilates instructors are Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers and have trained for years to be the best they can possibly be. Kate Bennett the owner who I have worked with before asked for a modern responsive site, as she understood that most of her clients will find her website either via their mobiles and or tablets.

Kate picked out the colours, had a logo ready and then it was just a case of putting the pages together and working with her to complete the detail. Everything was done at Kate's pace as she is a busy mum and buisness woman.

What is a 'Responsive Website'

Basically it is one website that is crafted to be the most enjoyable experience on different devices, such as mobiles, tablets, laptops and pc's. The website re-arranges itself depending on the width of the device its being viewed on.

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